How Trend Yellow Works?

Isn’t it great to create something out of the box? Well, TrendYellow gives that very assurance of creating something unique and spectacular. We are here to give your imageries a dramatic yellow look just like you see in anime world.

1. Select A Style

2. Select A Background

3. Upload your photos

4. Receive your digital portrait


Compose A Background

A trendy picture needs a voguish background! TrendYellow allows customisation of backgrounds just for you. You think of anything and we are there to turn your thinking into reality in a blink!


Your TrendYellow Avatar

Come and join the fun, peeps! Upload your photo, give us your specifications, and get your groovy TrendYellow Avator.

Get Digital

Hey, hey! It’s just the way you want. Gifting someone? Gifting yourself? Just a wild try? Not to worry; we will provide your imagery digitally and you are free to explore it in any way. Go for anything!


Best Moments

Dive into the new trend

Moments are meant to be cherised, right? Redesign your own moments and shade them in yellow tone. From now on, no moments will be boring, it’s going to be dramatic with TrendYellow!

What About Free Gifts?

We owe our customer something…chance to grab complimentary gifts which is going make your TrendYellow experience more memorable. Lovely Giftings are a step closer to you! What are you waiting for?